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I am so incredibly delighted with my decision to have Dr. Pincus do my 4th (and final) rhinoplasty. My nose had been a mess since my 1st rhinoplasty at age 14, so this time I was very cautious about the surgeon I went to. Dr. Pincus' surgery on my nose exceeded my expectations. When he told me, "you will have a normal looking nose" I was intrigued, yet skeptical. However, he did as promised and more! He gave me a cute nose that fits my face and looks completely natural. I love the tip; 6 months post op I still touch it once in a while because I can't believe that I have such a lovely, well defined tip! I truly believe that he is the best. Also, his staff is great. I have never felt more comfortable during a surgery in my life. I am so grateful to Dr. Pincus and his crew for giving me a very positive experience, from my 1st consult, to my last post-op visit. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Pincus to anyone considering plastic surgery!

I'm so thankful that I found you guys! Take care and I will see you soon for my 6 month post op visit.

R. J.
Santa Barbara

I am the happiest person in the world since Dr Pincus' absolutely impeccable work! My nose was a wreck after 7 surgeries with other surgeons, and filled with Restylane to conceal the damage. You couldn't even see where the cartilage of the nose used to be. I was very scared to have another surgery. After 7 times of something going wrong or collapsing, it was impossible to expect even a good result. Not to mention all the scar tissue, physical and emotional, that was so difficult to work around. I'd just been happy if Dr Pincus made it decent and normal-looking. Turned out, he made is AMAZING! Nobody can tell I had rhinoplasty even once, my nose is so elegant, feminine and cute at the same time, and it fits my face perfectly! It even made me look years younger. I will be grateful to Dr Pincus forever, I feel like I regained my confidence, playfulness and joy for life! Instead of feeling like a freak, I feel like a fairy tale princess! Thanks so much, Dr P.

Carmel, CA

Dear Dr. Pincus,

Thank you for your expertise, kind spirit & generous heart! It looks good and I love you!!!

Sincerely, C. H.
Los Angeles CA

Dear Dr. Pincus,

You are a genius! You operated on me after many unsuccessful surgeries in the past. I wish I found you initially rather than going to the surgeons I had picked. Thankfully, because you came highly recommended. I found you at last. You changed my life and restored my confidence.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you...

Fondly, L.W.
Newport Beach, CA

Dear Dr. Pincus,

I would like to express how grateful I am, I consider myself lucky to have found such a knowledgeable, skilled, talented, and artistic surgeon like yourself. You not only fixed the flaw which impacted my life so negatively but you also turned it into something that I can finally look at in the mirror and truly love it! You are by far the BEST at what you DO!

Thank you,
Sacramento, CA

Dear Dr. Pincus,

Even had this not been my first surgery, I'm sure I would have been somewhat anxious. Yet, I felt more at ease knowing I was in the skilled hands of someone who would give much thought & consideration as to how best to approach my case. The patient manner in which you have answered my questions post operatively has also been reassuring, & I look forward to being able to fully appreciate your artwork as soon as the swelling subsides entirely,

With Appreciation,
Beverly Hills, CA

Dear Dr. Pincus

I have composed so many letters of happiness and gratitude to you in my mind I thought it was time to properly write you a nice thank you note.

I want to thank you for your many years of hard work, sacrifice and total dedication that it took you to become, The Expert in your field. I had never given up hope and wished for someone just like you and thanks to Dr. Shorr I finally found you.

I can't begin to tell you how happy and grateful I am that you were able to achieve such a lovely and refined nose for me. It is everything I had dreamed of or hoped for. The tip is pretty and dainty. I keep looking in the mirror and love what I see.

I shall never forget you and I will always be grateful for what you have done for me. You are such a kind and nice man. And the greatest of doctors.

Very truly yours.
Glendale, CA

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Being centrally located, the nose should blend harmoniously with the other facial features and not draw attention to itself.
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Neck Lift

The necklift is a procedure to tighten and better define the jawline and the areas below it. In some instances, this effect can reach all the way down to the collar bones
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Face Lift

Surgeons use the term "facelift" to describe any procedure on the face that results in a tighter, more youthful appearance.
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Revision Rhinoplasty

The operation consists of correcting areas of asymmetry and deformity resulting from a prior surgery.
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Eyelid-Brow Lift

The eyes are the first features noted when people meet. And having puffy, sagging or wrinkled eyelids can convey a false image of being tired, sad or old.
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The lips should be full and wide with the upper lip slightly rotated, revealing the lower portion of the front teeth.
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The Telltale Signs of a Bad Rhinoplasty

Having revised thousands of rhinoplasties, I have noticed certain features common to all.

Even a structurally symmetric, aesthetically pleasing nose can be a poor result if it is out of proportion with the other facial features by being too small or too large. However, the real clues to a poor result are the asymmetries, malpositions, disproportions and decreased function that are seen. We can see collapse of the side walls and/or nostrils producing a “pinched look” or asymmetry between the two sides. The bridge can be too low or too high, and the tip can be overly rotated or not rotated enough. There can be too much “nostril show” from aggressive cartilage resection causing upward migration of the nostril rims. Or too much nostril show from failure to raise the columella (area between the nostrils). Also, irregularities or distortions in the nasal tip can occur which can present technical challenges to the revision surgeon. There can be deflections or angulations of the tip or the entire nose. As mentioned above, nostril asymmetries are particularly common with one nostril appearing higher or wider than its companion. Finally, there can be a worsening of breathing , especially if a reductive rhinoplasty was performed. Making a nose smaller has to be accompanied, many times, by measures to assure that the airflow is not compromised. This means correcting any septal deviations and/or turbinate enlargement, as well as maintaining adequate openings through the nostrils and the areas above called the internal valves. I’ve included photos of a nose showing most of these deformities with the subsequent post-operative results, after I corrected them.








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